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Queen Elizabeth II Commemoration Rose

We were in two minds to do this, but the public wanted it, so we did it.  This rose is not for profit and just covers its costs with a £5 donation to the Welsh Corgi Rescue with every rose sold.  I am sure Her Majesty would approve.  Boxed price is £19.95, find them in the shop.

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What's New: Products


We care for your loved ones

What's New: Products

Memorial Pots

Our memorials come fully arranged set in either a memorial pot insert or a free standing ceramic pot.  Choose any colour for your roses and be assured your arrangement will give you at least two years of colour.

Call Chris on 07772 708316 for a personalised quote.


Long Lasting Memorials

That will give you at least two years of colour, providing you with peace of mind that your loved ones have a beautiful arrangement with them.


Peace Of Mind

Your memorials are sent well wrapped and secure.  All you have to do is unwrap and place as required.

Inspired By You

Fan Club

The Blooming Lovelies

Yes there is now an official Fan Club page on Facebook.  Some of the Forever Blooms Raving Fans got together and formed the page.  With now over 230 members in just a few weeks, they share stories, pictures and chat about the amazing roses that we make.

To find the page click here


Watch the Forever Blooms Show

Twice a week Chris does a Facebook Live show, once on a Wednesday at 6.00pm called "All at Sixes Till Seven" and then on a Sunday at 11.00am called "Live at Leven".  

On the Sunday show if you comment while the show is broadcast you are automatically entered into a weekly prize draw, where you can win a fabulous rose bouquet.  To find the page click here.

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I do....

Forever Wedding Blooms

2021 has been a strange year, following on from an even stranger one.  The one point that I will remember he most from this year is the weddings we have done, have still to do, and, have booked for next year.  

Why not be in a unique position where you can pass your bridal bouquet down the family.  Imagine your grand-daughter using your bridal bouquet.  With Forever Blooms, that is a reality.  

Call Chris on 07772 708316 for information on how we can make your dream come true.

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Something for someone special?

Our New Cutie Pie Pots

2 stunning roses in our Cutie Pie pots, complete balanced display. Available now from the shop priced to sell at £20 plus pp.

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Remind your Mum how special she is....

Mother's Day UK 14th March 2021

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"LIVE at Leven" - Every Sunday

Unleashing Creativity and banter on an unsuspecting audience -BEWARE!!  Tee hee

Since opening for business in 2018, Chris has always been keen to remain close to his customers.  Every Sunday morning at 11.00am, tune into the Facebook page, and see Chris Live and in the flesh.  Discussing everything from roses to rockstars, ask questions, see him do demonstrations and most of all, have some fun!!!

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