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New Products "Roses Get Cute"

Roses have just been given the 'Cute' status by Forever Blooms with the new range of "Cutie Pots". The actual pot itself is a miniature bucket standing a mere 7.5cm tall, and comes with a single rose and accompanying foliage. We sell lots of basket arrangements with 3, 4 or more roses, but there are no arrangements for single roses.... until now.

With the arrangement the whole thing stands about 18cm tall and will look great on any table top, work station or desk. Like all of our creations, the Cutie Pots are available in any colour, and style of rose including the speciality roses.

We have just made them available in the shop so we are really looking forward to see how they do.

We are also delighted to add our wild animal range where we are replicating animal print on our roses. Having launched them on the facebook page yesterday, sales have already started to pour in, so get in quick, as we are very very busy!!!!

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