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Nailed it.

I love my job. I really do. There are days when things do not go as smoothly as I would like, but that my friends is life. Ups and downs. Good days, and bad days. I have to admit though there are more good days than bad.

I have been working using recycled products for about three years, although only as a proper business for two. Creating that business, using sustainable materials has been a huge challenge, but a recent milestone of 6000 followers on my Facebook page, which, only taking two years to achieve, shows that sustainability is still very high on people's minds. I get such a buzz recycling a waste product, and turning it into something that not only is beautiful, but also will last for years.

The nature of flower arranging, which essentially is what I do, the only difference being I make the flowers first, is that I get asked all the time to create memorials. There are often difficult conversations to be had as people are going through tough times when asking for flowers to represent the loss of a loved one. You tend to learn a great deal about empathy. I have always found myself to be a good people person though, so being a good listener comes naturally.

I was recently asked to create a basket arrangement in a metal pot as it would be going on a grave side. The brief was relatively simple, 9 roses, 8 of them blends of royal blue, and the centre rose to be left un-sprayed, but made from Guinness cans, as the gentleman in question had favoured this drink.

Not a problem, leave it to me. Ten days later I am taking photographs of the finished piece. I am a huge self critic, and have often scolded myself for not doing something to my own high standards. This piece however, I got right. I really loved the colours, the display, everything about it. I would have it it in a room (if I had rooms big enough to put it in).

So I sent all the pictures to the client, and her first word was... "perfect".

Nailed it!!

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